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Five Perfect Wallpapers for Spring Decorating

With the beginning of spring just around the corner, many of you may be thinking about making some changes around the house to make sure you and your home are prepared for the longer, sunnier and warmer days.

Spring typically calls for soft, light base colours with popular details, including floral motifs or designs featuring wildlife. With this in mind, we decided to we’d get ahead of the game and showcase some of our current wallpapers which would be ideal additions to anyone’s spring decorating plans.

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1) Bookshelves by Muriva

Muriva’s Bookshelves is a brilliant wallpaper that is sure to be a real stand-out addition to any room. Through the use of high quality printing and imagery, Muriva have created this bright, eye-catching trompe l’oeil design which features modern white bookcases with injections of colour from bright potted plants. This wallpaper will transform your wall by adding the illusion of depth and its mix of bright colours and plants is just perfect for spring.


2) Bamboo by Muriva

Another great spring design from Muriva, this high quality embossed vinyl bamboo design again features a light and bright base with injections of green to bring it to life. This wallpaper would be perfect for a feature wall in room with plain white walls to enhance the exciting bamboo print and will look great when the sun is shining through onto your walls at the end of a bright spring or summer day.


3) Chinoise by Arthouse

From Arthouse’s much-loved Opera collection we bring you the Chinoise wallpaper which features a faint motif of exotic songbirds and climbing branches. Set upon a soft yellow base, this wallpaper is a great choice for spring as it brings colour to a room while adding to the wildlife theme. Also available in a range of colours including black, purple, pink and plum, we are sure our customers will love this product as much as we do!


4) Damsen by Holden Décor

Inspired by the British countryside, Holden Décor’s Damsen wallpaper is another which mixes the themes of wildlife and florals. With such a charming motif, this premium, high quality wallpaper would be an ideal fit anywhere in the home and can be used just as well for a feature wall as it can throughout a room.

5) Keilena by Holdern Déco

Our final choice of spring wallpapers is another from Holden Décor, this time in the shape of their Keilena design. Boasting a stunning mix of colourful butterflies set against a monochrome, sketch-style background of blooming roses, this premium design is perfect anyone looking to inject some colour into the home this spring. The juxtaposition of bright butterflies against the monochrome background creates areas of interest within the design that are sure to get guests’ heads turning, without making  the design overbearing.