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Four Summer Wallpaper & Mural Ideas For Your Home

Summer is here and for many people it brings with it the time to lighten up their home interior. A wide range of projects, no matter how big or small, can transform your home into a bright and vibrant place to spend the summer months and make best use of the extra hours of sunlight.

Below, we have sourced four of our favourite summer wallpaper and wall mural ideas in order to give you a little DIY inspiration. Click on the title to view the wallpaper  on our site!


1) Luciana Floral by Arthouse

This brand new and exclusive wallpaper (pictured right) is the perfect way to add some vibrancy and colour into your home this summer. This contemporary take on a classic floral theme is ideal for creating a feature wall in your home with its metallic detailing on the stalks, leaves and petals which will shine as the sunlight beams down.

2) Petula by Holden Decor

A new addition from Holden Decor, the Petula is another dazzling floral print which will bring any room to life over the summer months. This premium, high quality wallpaper is so detailed that brushstrokes can even be seen in the design which is brought to life with an exciting mix of blue, orange and purple seasonal flowers.




3Columns Mural by 1 Wall

If you are unable to get away this summer or just want to get lost in a wishful daydream then why not transform your home into a majestic seaside palace with this fantastic giant column wall mural. Delivered in four easy to hang pieces, you will soon be looking out through Roman-style pillars onto a panoramic ocean landscape all from the comfort of your own home.




4) Tinkerbell Retro by Disney

Now one for the kids! This playful Tinkerbell print from Disney is amazing for bringing a little fun to a room and would work perfectly in a child’s bedroom or playroom. Fusing vivid colours, floral motifs and Tinkerbell silhouettes this wallpaper is everything you need for brightening up a room and put a smile on your child’s face this summer.