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Colour Seasonal Wallpaper Trends

The 2019 Autumn Colour Trends You Need In Your Home

With a change of seasons just around the corner, have you considered updating your home decor? If you’re thinking about a change, autumnal colour trends are an excellent way to bring a cosy yet elegant atmosphere to your home. 

Autumnal trends often follow a typical autumnal palette, with a few fashion-focused variations. Colours tend to be richer and offer more depth than the bold and bright shades of summer, bringing an element of sophistication that is ideal for interior decor. 

If you’re looking for the hottest autumnal trends of 2019, here at I Want Wallpaper we’re discussing all things colour. Join us as we run through our top 3 autumn colour trends, detailing how you can use them to bring an instant touch of style to your home. 


Butterscotch yellow

While yellow usually evokes images of summer, the golden tones of butterscotch are an autumnal must. Brighter than the mustard tones of previous years yet more subtle than a bright yellow, butterscotch brings boldness and depth while offering a warm and inviting ambience. 

Working yellow tones into home decor isn’t always easy, but we think this golden shade is ideal for bringing a pop of colour to your home without overdoing it. Butterscotch yellow is perfect for creating accents in a room – why not try a yellow feature wall across the back of your room, or creating a smaller accent wall around a fireplace or in an alcove? 

Get the decor look: golden yellow wallpaper

If you’re looking for a wallpaper to help you achieve this look, our firm favourite is the Erismann Fascination Plain Textured Wallpaper. This textured golden yellow wallpaper shade is infused with subtle glitter elements, making it a great choice for brightening up your space.


Plum purple 

Deeper shades of red and purple are always a great shout in the autumn months – this year, it’s a deep plum purple shade that has stolen our hearts. Plum is a purple packed full of depth, with an autumnal brown hue that brings more sophistication than your usual bright purple shade. 

Statement and elegant, plum purple is a great way to bring an instant touch of class to your home. Here at I Want Wallpaper, we have a variety of purple and plum wallpaper to choose from, but one is taking centre stage …

Get the decor look: plum purple wallpaper

The gorgeous Arthouse Elephant Grove Exotic Jungle Wallpaper is a stunning plum wallpaper that guarantees to make an impression. A lovely deep plum shade patterned with a tropical jungle and elephant design, this unique feature wallpaper will be an instant talking point in any room. 


Forest green

This beautifully rich green shade is a million miles away from the bold and bright greens of summer; think darker green and much cooler-toned. Forest green is colourful yet elegant, ideal for those wanting to bring colour into their home without going OTT.

Forest green is also incredibly versatile – it will make just as good an impression in a kitchen or bathroom as it will in a living room or hallway. Try painting a full room with this stunning shade, or opt for a forest green feature wall to draw the eye and create a beautiful focal point.

Get the decor look: forest green wallpaper 

If you’re wanting to create a forest green feature wall, the Holden Decor Damask Woodland Wallpaper is a great choice. With a classic damask pattern featuring various animals, flowers and leaves, this beautiful wallpaper will bring class and style to any room in the house.


Are you feeling inspired? If you’re looking to redecorate for autumn, look no further than the I Want Wallpaper collection. From stunning autumnal plum wallpaper and forest green options through to eye-catching metallics and faux effect wallpapers, you’re sure to discover your new home decor must-have.