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The Must-Have Interior Product For The Selfie Generation

Summer’s amazing, exotic holidays may seem like a distant memory now September has arrived.  But selfie lovers suffering from post-holiday blues can have just as much fun in their own home with these fantastic NEW murals.   Life’s A Beach   Say cheese in front of these dream scenes – from waterfalls to sea views.    Ooh la la   Picture the romance of Venice and Paris with these realistic murals of iconic city landmarks. Living the American Dream   Stateside scenes make the perfect backdrop in the bedroom or... Read More


All You Need To Know About Feature Walls

What is a feature wall? The term feature wall refers to one wall in a room which is decorated differently to the others in order to help it stand out from the rest of the interior. Feature walls can be anything from one plain different coloured wall to one wall which has intricate or eye-catching patterns while the others are plain. Doing this allows you to create a focal point in a room and change things up from plain or repetitive typical home décor. Since only one wall needs decorated... Read More

Brick Wallpaper 29/06/2015

Creating a Brick or Stone Feature Wall in Your Home

There’s no doubt that having a brick or stone feature wall can add warmth to a room and be aesthetically pleasing – this is exactly why they have seen a recent popularity surge in the world of interior design. However, stripping a wall back to its bare bones can cause a number of problems if the conditions are not right or if the job is done carelessly.


Spring Colours To Brighten Up A Room

We don’t know about you, but here at I Want Wallpaper we are pretty happy that spring has finally, well, sprung!!   Nothing is better than shedding the dark and stepping into the vibrant colour options that come with spring, especially after the long cold winter! By introducing colour in to your home, via wallpaper, you can create a bright interior that will really lift your spirits – for us spring colours are bright and sunny.   Shades of pink can create a calming, warm and comfortable feeling. Brighter pinks... Read More

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How To Use Wallpaper To Change The Look And Feel Of A Room

We at I Want Wallpaper pride ourselves on having a huge range of wallpaper colours, textures, and patterns. We understand that you’re trying to find wallpaper that reflects your personal taste, but sometimes you also need your wallpaper to do a little more Wallpaper can change the look and feel of a room, altering the perception of the space. The right wallpaper makes small rooms appear larger, big rooms cosier, and dark rooms lighter. Wallpapering is the easiest way to change the appearance of a room’s dimensions, creating completely different... Read More


Creating the Perfect Home Office

Creating a perfect home office isn’t easy. When it comes to putting your scheme together, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Remember, the space you’re creating is a work space – it needs to be practical and functional as well as beautiful. So, whether you’re lucky enough to have an entire room set aside as an office, or you’re considering incorporating an office area into your existing sitting room, spare room or kitchen, it’s important to ask yourself: “How do I work?” And: “Where do I work best?” Base... Read More


The Difference a Feature Wall Can Make to Your Home

Every room needs a focal point. Focal points lend a sense of unity and harmony to a space. Not only do they draw us in, they guide our gaze, meaning our eyes alight upon objects of interest in sequence, rather than at random. Rooms lacking a focal point often appear cluttered and chaotic. Since we aren’t sure what it is we’re supposed to be looking at, even the most beautiful pieces tend to blend into the background. One of the best ways to add focus and form to your design... Read More


Minimal and Clean: Fresh Design Ideas for Autumn

Minimal is back Next season, minimal design is set to fly. We’re talking clean lines, uncluttered spaces, block colour and timeless, contemporary furniture. When it comes to wallpaper, minimal doesn’t necessarily mean plain. Take this Graham & Brown contour wallpaper, for example. It’s bold. Yet team it with sleek, monochrome furnishings and dramatic houseplants and you’ve got yourself a grownup minimal scheme. Don’t add, subtract The most effective minimal schemes feature just a handful of key, complementary pieces. If you’re tired of your cluttered sitting room or blowsy bedroom, take... Read More


Retro Chic: Bring Some Retro Charm into your Home

Retro design never goes out of fashion when it’s done right. Whether you favour a busy aesthetic, or a more pared down design scheme, integrating retro touches into your home is both simple and affordable. While some people favour pieces and patterns from a specific decade, others mix and match, creating an eclectic scheme bustling with colour and interest. Hunting for retro and vintage treasures has never been so popular. Remember, you can find the real deal on the high street, at auctions, or online, or you can pick up... Read More