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Minimal and Clean: Fresh Design Ideas for Autumn

Minimal is back Next season, minimal design is set to fly. We’re talking clean lines, uncluttered spaces, block colour and timeless, contemporary furniture. When it comes to wallpaper, minimal doesn’t necessarily mean plain. Take this Graham & Brown contour wallpaper, for example. It’s bold. Yet team it with sleek, monochrome furnishings and dramatic houseplants and you’ve got yourself a grownup minimal scheme. Don’t add, subtract The most effective minimal schemes feature just a handful of key, complementary pieces. If you’re tired of your cluttered sitting room or blowsy bedroom, take... Read More


Retro Chic: Bring Some Retro Charm into your Home

Retro design never goes out of fashion when it’s done right. Whether you favour a busy aesthetic, or a more pared down design scheme, integrating retro touches into your home is both simple and affordable. While some people favour pieces and patterns from a specific decade, others mix and match, creating an eclectic scheme bustling with colour and interest. Hunting for retro and vintage treasures has never been so popular. Remember, you can find the real deal on the high street, at auctions, or online, or you can pick up... Read More