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5 ways to decorate your home with animal wallpaper

Animal print has become the trademark of a chic interior, and this unique style can easily turn any room into an expression of your personality.

There are many types of animal print available. Leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, cow print and snakeskin are among the favourites for interior decorating. Most of these are available in modern versions as well – from monochrome to bold colour, textured effect and even glitter.

We’ll help you bring this trend to life in your home as we take a look at unique ways to add this fun, frivolous and flirty style to your space using wallpaper and accessories.

How to Colour-Match Animal Prints

Natural colour & monochrome colour animal print are best complimented with shades of brown, beige, taupe and cream. Silver, charcoal, white and black pair excellently with monochrome coloured prints, and can be further enhanced by a well-placed pop of colour.

Bright and colourful animal print can be augmented by replicating the dominant colour of the pattern throughout the room or toned down with a neutral colour to create a quieter space. Complimentary colours can also be used – for example – a bold orange leopard print may work well with blue shades surrounding it. Use the colour wheel to find the perfect complementary shade for your scheme.

5 Quick Ways to Decorate Your Space Using Animal Print

  • Feature wall

Create a standout feature wall by applying your favourite print to a single wall, and use complimentary colours to enhance it. In bedrooms, the area behind your headboard is a great space to make your feature. Lounges often use the largest wall as a focal point, while bathrooms and kitchens may simply use the largest available space to be the feature. Use wallpaper to freshen up an old set of drawers

Another great way to incorporate animal print without overwhelming a space is to accessorise. Bring an old set of drawers back to life or add some personality to a plain flatpack-drawer by adding your favourite animal print to the panels – or even applying it to the whole set. Be cautious when applying the paper around handles or on edges and ensure the edging of the paper stays put to help ensure its longevity.

  • Line the inside of bookshelves
A blank book shelf can be lined with animal print wallpaper to bring it to life

The same way we love a secret print inside a blazer or coat, adding some animal print to the inside of bookshelves can really bring it to life. Mix up different styles and types of animal print – for example – apply a zebra print to one shelf and alternate with leopard print on the next to really make it pop. This is a great way to add matching household accessories to a room that already has animal print in it.

  • Use embossed animal print as a splashback to bring your kitchen to life

Embossed wallpaper or blown vinyl are great in areas where spillage or mess is likely, because of the plastic coating on the wallpaper that allows it to easily be wiped down. If your stove backs onto a plain wall, adding an animal print will work wonders in breathing some life into the area and can easily be accessorised with other similar prints.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match
mix and match animal print for a bold look

A geometric pattern, zig zag lines, leaf patterned wallpaper or even nature-themed print mixed with your chosen print is a great way to express your unique style and bring a room to life. Try keep the mixed patterns to a maximum of two variations so that your space doesn’t become too busy, and introduce plain materials, accessories and solid colours to keep the theme throughout.

  • Bring your hallway to life

Hallways are easily overlooked in terms of design potential, especially in creating a feature of it. One of the easiest ways to revamp your hallway is to create a focal point at the end of the passage where a wooden stand or cabinet can take centre stage and use ornaments or animal print overlays to bring the theme together. Decorating the hallway with exciting prints throughout lends a definite and bold theme, and for a demurer aesthetic you may choose to apply animal print to a single wall and compliment it with a neutral colour.

For more interior design inspiration, tips and tricks, visit our blog page – packed full of unique and stylish ideas that are easy and affordable. You can also take advantage of our free samples if you’re looking to renovate or rejuvenate your home.