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Using Wallpaper in Your Bathroom, Toilet or Shower Room

So, you’re thinking about using wallpaper in your bathroom, toilet or shower room? There are a lot of myths flying round about what you can and can’t do when it comes to decorating these rooms so we are here to help put your mind at ease with some sound, expert advice.

Can I use wallpaper in my bathroom?

The simple answer is… yes! People have this vision of bathroom wallpaper peeling away at the first sign of steam, but the reality is very different. If installed correctly, bathroom wallpapers will stay strong for years and there are now even specially designed bathroom wallpapers which are designed for use in these damp and steamy conditions. These wallpapers include features such as hard wearing vinyl finishes, scrubbable surfaces and embossed detailing for mimicking tiles and mosaics.

If you have seen a wallpaper which you want to use in your bathroom and it isn’t specially designed bathroom wallpaper then do not worry – it will still be fine to use!

Can I have a feature wall in my bathroom?

Of course – it’s your home, your rules! Feature walls actually work really well in bathrooms, helping to draw in attention and create a focus area within the room. Bathroom feature walls are also a really simple way to modernise the room and are very time efficient – why decorate your full bathroom when changing one wall can have just as much impact!

Popular bathroom wallpaper designs

Blue is always a popular colour when it comes to decorating bathrooms, and this is no different when it comes to choosing wallpaper for your bathroom, shower room or toilet. Lighter blues pair really well with whites and greys, creating a clean, maritime-esque aesthetic.

Harlequin Triangle Wallpaper

Some of our favourites include this metallic geometric stripe wallpaper from Rasch, which could be matched up with other white, grey, blue or metallic interior accessories to create a very modern looking bathroom.

This retro floral wallpaper from Muriva is an absolute stunner in our eyes and the fact that it is both vinyl and washable makes it perfect for bathrooms! Again, the blues and whites give it that traditional bathroom vibe, making it super easy to match up with other classic bathroom accessories.

Finally, here is our wild card choice which does not include those typical bathroom blues, but instead makes that water connection through the use of a fish motif. The red fish wallpaper from Rasch may be unusually dark compared to other bathroom wallpapers, but we believe it could work really well when hung as a bathroom feature wall.

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