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8 Creative Ways to Upcycle With Wallpaper

If you’ve ever redecorated, you no doubt have countless leftover rolls of wallpaper lying around the house. There’s never quite enough left to fill a wall — so, what do you do with it?

There are a whole host of creative upcycling options you can try to get the most out of your leftover wallpaper. These include;

  • Framed wallpaper artwork
  • A wallpaper decorated bin
  • Wallpapered stairs
  • A wallpaper floor
  • Wallpaper lined drawers
  • Wallpaper coasters or placemats
  • Wallpaper book covers and bookmarks
  • Wallpaper bunting

Feeling inspired? Whether you’re simply looking to get a little crafty or you’re planning a full wallpaper furniture makeover, read on as we take a closer look at the best ways to repurpose wallpaper.


Framed Wallpaper Artwork

Forget splurging a fortune on expensive artwork — you can create your own at just a fraction of the price. Simply choose your favourite leftover wallpaper and frame it! You can create a number of different effects with this DIY trick, from chic floral prints on a crisp white background through to retro prints on a colourful wall — the choice is yours!


Wallpaper Bin

Let’s be real; we all know rubbish bins aren’t the prettiest of items! So, why not consider giving your kitchen bin a colourful makeover with patterned wallpaper?

This is a great way to instantly transform a plain kitchen bin, creating an eye catching focal point that will complement the room and add a bold pop of colour.


Wallpaper Stairs

This may be one for the craftier among us, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort the end effect is well worth it!

Adding wallpaper to a plain wooden staircase is perfect for creating a beautiful countryside chic finish. Choose subtle shades and pretty botanical prints for a vintage touch that will add instant style and interest to your stairs.


Wallpaper Floor

From wallpaper stairs to wallpaper floors — yes, the possibilities really are endless! While it may sound like somewhat of a stretch, wallpaper can actually create stunning effects on your floor.

This trick works best in an entry vestibule, hallway or other small space. Try using wood panel faux effect wallpaper, or leftover tile effect wallpaper to create a Moroccan theme.


Wallpaper Shelves

What better way to transform a single shelf or bookcase than with some bold pops of colour? This trick works especially well if you have children’s wallpaper or Disney wallpaper leftover and you’re looking to give their furniture a fun makeover.

Choose one design for a uniform look, or mix and match colours and prints for a quirky finish.


Wallpaper coasters or placemats

For a quick and incredibly easy way to repurpose very small amounts of leftover wallpaper, glue and seal to your plain coasters or placemats.

This is another one that works particularly well with a tile wallpaper, but equally effective looks can be created with pretty florals and contemporary geometric designs. Simply glue your wallpaper to the coaster or placemat and seal with a PVA solution. Attach felt circles to the corners to prevent scratching and voila! Eye catching, design-led dining and living room accessories at no additional cost to you.


Wallpaper book covers and bookmarks

Do you have any old books with tattered or generally unattractive covers? Wallpaper can be used to quickly and easily creative new, stylish book covers!

Choose your favourite prints and fold into place to create books that will take pride of place in any bookcase. If you have any remaining scraps of wallpaper leftover, cut a strip to act as an attractive matching bookmark.


Wallpaper bunting

And finally — if you aren’t all DIY’d out! — why not use leftover wallpaper to create pretty bunting designs?

All you need to do is cut your wallpaper into triangles and attach to some string for easy yet effective decorations that will add a vintage inspired touch to any room in the house.

If all this wallpaper chat has you thinking about redecorating your home, be sure to explore the full collection at I Want Wallpaper. From super stylish leaf print wallpapers to classic floral print wallpapers, you can find the perfect option to suit any room or any style.