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All You Need To Know About Feature Walls


What is a feature wall?

The term feature wall refers to one wall in a room which is decorated differently to the others in order to help it stand out from the rest of the interior. Feature walls can be anything from one plain different coloured wall to one wall which has intricate or eye-catching patterns while the others are plain. Doing this allows you to create a focal point in a room and change things up from plain or repetitive typical home décor.

Since only one wall needs decorated when creating a feature wall, it makes them simple(er) alternative to redecorating full rooms – a quick win for those looking to transform a room in limited time.

Can I have a feature wall in any room?

In short – yes! Feature walls are most commonly seen in living rooms or bedrooms; however you make the rules in your home so it’s completely up to you!

As the name suggests, feature walls highlight the features of a wall and this is why we see them most often used on living room walls with chimney breasts or walls which are behind headboards in the bedroom. You can use feature walls to create areas within a room, though, such as a cosy reading corner or alcove which has its own colours separate from the rest of the room’s décor.

With feature walls in children’s bedrooms, there is less of a limit as to which wall can be used as children’s feature walls often feature murals and characters and pictures and so you are generally free to choose any wall which would give your feature wall mural the most prominence.

Choosing wallpaper for your feature wall

There are very few, if any, limits when it comes to choosing wallpaper for a feature wall in your home, because it is exactly that – your home!

Some of the most popular designs used for feature walls at I Want Wallpaper include faux brick, wood and slate effect wallpapers which offer a different aesthetic to traditional wallpapers which really helps the wall to stand out. Other popular designs include striped wallpaper, geometric wallpaper and animal print designs.