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Creating a Brick or Stone Feature Wall in Your Home

There’s no doubt that having a brick or stone feature wall can add warmth to a room and be aesthetically pleasing – this is exactly why they have seen a recent popularity surge in the world of interior design. However, stripping a wall back to its bare bones can cause a number of problems if the conditions are not right or if the job is done carelessly.

Here at I Want Wallpaper we strongly support people in decorating their homes exactly how they want them and so we have detailed some of the issues that creating a stone or brick feature wall can produce as well as adding some tips on how to avoid the worst.

 What can do wrong?

Firstly, if you are unsure on the condition of the bricks in your walls then it can be a costly mistake to just strip away the plaster. Often, brick or stone walls can have a much harsher appearance than you imagined and can not match the look that you had dreamed of for that room.

There’s also the fact of temperature and moisture problems which can occur even when the bricks or stone look exactly how you wanted. In the winter, walls that are stripped down can let in the cold which severely affect the efficiency of your home heating system while in the summer it will also let in extra heat. As for moisture, water easily absorbs through the cracks in bricks which can result in the appearance of mould or damp and this is not going to help give you the feature wall of your dreams.

 Stone WallpaperDo the job with wallpaper

The easiest way to avoid these potential perils is to opt for brick or stone effect wallpaper which, if you use the right kind, can look authentic and will leave all of your guests convinced that it’s the real thing!

Here at I Want Wallpaper we have a vast selection of brick and stone effect embossed wallpapers to choose from including traditional red stone brick, dry stone wall and plaza mosaic. Browse our stone and brick wallpaper ranges to find the perfect one for your home.