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Creating the Perfect Home Office

Creating a perfect home office isn’t easy. When it comes to putting your scheme together, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Remember, the space you’re creating is a work space – it needs to be practical and functional as well as beautiful.

So, whether you’re lucky enough to have an entire room set aside as an office, or you’re considering incorporating an office area into your existing sitting room, spare room or kitchen, it’s important to ask yourself: “How do I work?” And: “Where do I work best?”

Base Colours

The ideal home office inspires. Even if your office space makes up part of a larger room, it needs to be clearly demarked. You can use colour and wallpaper to do this. Neutral colours tend to make us all feel calmer, so if you’re a bit of a stress head, consider the softer end of the spectrum. Alternatively, if you want to create more of a stimulating space, don’t be afraid to use bright colours and bold prints.

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Adding texture and Pattern

If you don’t want your home office to feel one dimensional, you’ll need to add texture and pattern. Using wallpaper, you can inject interest into any space, large or small.

Consider colour carefully. Generally, lighter colours make spaces feel larger and more airy, while darker colours create a more dramatic and intimate effect.

If you’re nervous about using bright colours, pick a neutral wallpaper featuring a pared-down print.

Integrating Technology

Increasingly, our workspaces are crammed with tech, so think about how you use technology on a daily basis. Does your office need to feature all of the latest gadgets, or does gadgetry distract you from the task in hand?

Remember, working at a computer all day can cause back pain and eye strain, so make sure you have adequate seating and excellent lighting.

Minimise Distractions

If you’re a bit of a day dreamer or a procrastinator, make sure your office space is free from unnecessary distractions. Inclined to take a few too many coffee breaks? Simply equip your office with coffee making facilities.



Think about the ways in which you work and find storage solutions to suit you. Open shelving is suburb if you’re constantly juggling paper work and reference books, while cabinets and drawers are better if you tend to use reference materials once in a blue moon. When it comes to your desk, pen and pencil pots, a good jotter and a calendar generally prove indispensable.

Finishing Touches

If you work from home, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your office space, so take care when it comes to finishing touches, such as rugs, curtains, houseplants and other accessories. Aim to strike a balance between professional and homely.