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Five Brick Wallpapers That Add Simple Beauty

For months now brick effect wallpaper has been one of the hottest interior decorating trends, and it certainly shows no sign of stopping soon. With all the beautiful rustic charm of stripped down brick walls, but with none of the hassle, it is an ideal choice for anyone looking to move away from the traditional wallpaper look in their home.

Our brick wallpaper department is currently full to the brim with amazing, high quality wallpapers which can be used anywhere in the home. So, we thought we’d take a closer look at some of the most popular brick wallpaper choices and share them with you all:

1) Factory Worn Brick by Rasch

First up we have the stunning Factory Work Brick from Rasch which incorporates a beautiful array of natural browns, blues and greys in an eye catching faux stone print. While very industrial in its appearance, this textured wallpaper could be used to create a unique and effective feature wall in living rooms, kitchens or even bedrooms.


2) Dax Dry Stone Wall by Grandeco

This Dax Dry Stone Wall wallpaper from Grandeco definitely has sleek and luxurious feel to it. We can see it working beautifully as a feature wall when paired with matching lavish black furniture and black walls, with maybe some stand-out hints of gold chucked in the form of ornaments and picture frames. Amazingly realistic, this high resolution printed wallpaper is a great choice for anyone wanting to add some dark luxury to a room.




3) Brix by Erismann

Now, time for something a little lighter… Brix by Erismann uses a soft and subtle colour palette which will work wonders in brightening up any room with its. We think this embossed, blown vinyl wallpaper would work particularly well in kitchens due to its light-yet-rustic aesthetic, but it is a versatile design which could really be used in any room – it is your home after all!





4) Faux Red Bricks by Muriva

Sticking to the traditional red brick style this realistic wallpaper from Muriva’s Just Like It collection boasts all the natural beauty of brickwork. Mainly featuring red, brown and whites, this wallpaper looks surprisingly colourful once it’s been hung and comes with an embossed finished and textured grouting to add a nice touch of authenticity to the design.



5) VIP White Brick by Arthouse

Our final choice of brick effect wallpaper is the wonderful VIP White Brick by Arthouse, which has been created with affordability and quality at its core. Using high quality photographic printing techniques, Arthouse has created this gorgeous white brick textured design that offers the beauty of brick in a subtle painted white. This wallpaper would be perfectly suited in a white or monochrome setting.