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How to Hang Christmas Decorations Without Damaging Your Walls or Ceiling

Looking for how to hang Christmas decorations without damaging your walls? Here’s how to avoid regretting getting extra festive come the New Year…

It’s almost that time of year when we get the decorations out of the loft and start preparing to turn our humble abodes into Christmas wonderlands. It’s always a magical occasion, especially for those of us with kids, and it definitely works in getting everyone excited for the big day.

If you have just been doing some DIY in your home, though, you may be a bit hesitant to stick decorations to that lovely new wallpaper you have just splashed out on, and rightly so!

Avoiding tape and nails

We’ve all seen the damage that peeling off tape can do to walls and ceilings, so unless you are planning on redecorating early in the New Year then using tape to stick up decorations is a no go. Using nails and tacks comes with problems too, leaving holes and marks on otherwise pristine walls, and once you’ve seen them it is hard not to notice them every time you walk by.

To try and help you maintain the condition of your lovely home, we’ve put our festive thinking caps on came up with a few suggestions for how to hang Christmas decorations without damaging your walls or ceilings.

Firstly, if you have any photos or paintings hanging up, consider taking them down over Christmas and using the nails or hanging device behind them to temporarily hold up a garland, wreath, tinsel… whatever you like!

Thread and ribbon are also really good for hanging decorations and can look really good if you have some that is particularly fancy. Tie the thread or ribbon around your decorations and then use anything you can think of like light fittings, cupboard doors or the mantle piece to hoist them up. Twine and clear fishing line also works well for this, although it may not look as decorative.

This next idea might sound a little strange at first, but bear with us as it can look really good if done well! So, sticks and branches can be really useful for hanging decorations. If you place them on top of surfaces like cupboards, shelves or the mantle piece and then attach baubles to the stick with ribbon, they will hang over the edge. Obviously this works best if you spruce the stick up with tinsel, glitter, bows, anything you like really! This would work most effectively in a room which already has a lot of wood furniture or flooring. Or, why not give an old coat hanger a Christmas makeover and use that to hang decorations from! The possibilities are endless…



Hanging Christmas decorations around your home creates a truly festive look, but use these tips to avoid damaging your walls:

  • Although tempting, avoid using sticky tape and nails.
  • If nails are needed, consider temporarily removing wall-hung photo frames to use their nail.
  • Thread or ribbon can be used to hang decorations from light fittings or doors.
  • Although not as decorating, twine or fishing line can be used instead – fishing line is great as it’s transparent.
  • Sticks and branches can be used for a cosy, rustic look and can be placed on cupboards or shelves.
  • For something different, upcycle an old coat hanger for a Christmas makeover!

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