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Top 6 Ways to Recreate a Christmas Wonderland in Your Home

We spend more time indoors during winter than during any other month. And, with the cold, wet, and potentially snowy weather, there’s no wonder! With that in mind, it’s the perfect time to renew your decor and furnishings. There are so many ways to create your own wonderland and it all depends on your personal style. From glitz and glam to warm, cosy vibes; we have a range of wallpaper products to achieve the look of your dreams.

If you’re looking to inject a bit of life into your home and transform it into your very own Christmas wonderland, then take a look at our winter wallpaper recommendations below. 

1. Embrace comfort and cosiness with some autumnal wallpaper 

When the nights start drawing, home is the best place you can be. It’s Autumn and hibernation is calling. It’s time to stay indoors with your family and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your own home whilst watching your favourite films. The right wallpaper with the right colour tones can add a great deal of warmth to your room in the colder months. Picking wallpaper with earthy, warm tones and patterns that mimic the outdoors during autumn time are wonderful options. The other great thing about this kind of wallpaper is that it is suitable all year round. 

Fancy creating a perfect autumn getaway? You can create a warm and cosy look with the following products and decor choices: 

2. Add a feature wall with stag wallpaper 

The image of the Stag is synonymous with Christmas time and we frequently see decorations for the home in this form. We have various styles and patterns of wallpaper featuring a Stag print. However, our chosen wallpaper for this year features large majestic stag motifs that are made up of subtle flowers and various decorative leaves. It’s absolutely perfect as a feature wall, but it can also be used to wallpaper all wall space. It’s a great choice for the whole year, but when featuring in the middle of a decorated house, it creates a beautiful scene.

Ready to create a feature wall with Stag wallpaper? Complete the look this Christmas with: 

3. Be bold with metallic wallpaper or rose gold wallpaper 

Metallic wallpaper colours are perfectly on-trend this season and there are none more luxurious than gold. Gold wallpaper is synonymous with prestige, wisdom and wealth so therefore it will add a glamorous touch to any room. With the ability to transform a space through light, gold wallpaper is a great choice for smaller rooms. Another colour on trend at the minute is rose gold, it can be paired with sparkly Christmas decorations and lights for a luxurious look. 

Interested in creating your very own stylish room? Consider the following decor options: 

4. Channel your very own Narnia with snowflake wallpaper 

Busy wallpaper is great for little ones and their blooming imaginations. In the winter months, try to recreate a Christmas scene with falling snowflakes, leaves, a castle scene, and unicorns, all infused with sparkling glitter. Another great way to get young ones involved in the Christmas decorations is by making paper snowflakes to hang on the walls or door in their bedroom. If you’d like to inspire your little ones with an exciting bedroom, try adding the following decor to their room: 

  • Fairytale wallpaper 
  • A winter wonderland fort made of fluffy blankets 
  • Cuddly and fluffy toys like bears or reindeers
  • Homemade Christmas decorations  

5. Explore marble wallpaper for a sophisticated look

Marble effect wallpaper is on trend all year round, and it will have your guests in awe of your decor choices. Like metallic or rose gold wallpaper, marble effect wallpaper adds a massive amount of opulence to your space. It’s perfect for coverage on all your walls or on a feature wall to inject something a little different to your room. From the classic light grey and dark grey to stunning pink and light blue or geometric designs, marble effect wallpaper comes in a range of different options. The minimal design is perfect all year round but when paired with decorations in the festive season, it really begins to shine.

Pair your luxe gold marble wallpaper with: 

  • A white sofa 
  • Colourful accessories and decor 
  • A plush rug and cushions 
  • Gold detailing 

6. Mimic a cabin or grotto effect with wood or stone wallpaper 

Think of the classic winter interior scene in your head, you probably won’t be too far from a warm and cosy log cabin in the middle of woodland. With wooden walls creating a warm, rustic vibe and a fire crackling away, a cosy log cabin is the ideal location to get into the festive spirit. You can bring the countryside lodge feel to your own home in no time with wood effect wallpaper. A simple panel design is great for a woodland effect in even the most urban environments.

To create your very own winter woodland cabin this year, you’ll need: 

  • Wood effect wallpaper 
  • A fireplace to take centre stage with a basket of driftwood 
  • A faux fur rug and cushions 
  • Woodland accessories 

Inspired to Create Your Own Christmas Wonderland?

We hope you feel inspired to create your very own Christmas wonderland with wallpaper that can be enjoyed all year round. Christmas is a time to get creative with home decorations and your wallpaper can really add to the festive style. If you have any questions about our stock or how you can turn your home into an impressive winter wonderland, then please reach out to us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.