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Wallpapers That Banish Stress: Shades and Styles To Bring Calm To Your Home

If there is one thing the home should be, that is relaxing.

Whether it’s sitting down with family in the evening or taking half an hour to read a book, in our hectic modern lives it is more important than ever to take a little time out for a breather. But, when you do get the chance to sit down to relax, have you ever considered the impact your decor has?

Your home decor can actually make the world of difference when it comes to your stress levels. Choosing the right colours, patterns and styles in your decorating can not only give your home a fashion-forward edge, but can actually boost your mood and encourage relaxation!

If you’re looking to give your home a relaxing refresh for the new year, why not try some of these top decor tips?


Keep it light, bright and simple

When it comes to your walls, sometimes simple is best! Not only are understated, minimal wallpapers constantly on trend, but an uncluttered wall really can lead to an uncluttered mind.
Opt for either plain wallpapers in an all over colour, or a wallpaper featuring minimal patterns and subtle textures. Bear in mind that light colours can make a space feel much lighter, brighter and larger, so white or very pale shades are ideal for creating a spacious feeling abode with more room to unwind.

  • P&S International Plain Metallic Textured Wallpaper

Take inspirations from the outdoors

For an alternative way to bring a calm feeling into your home, why not take some inspiration from the great outdoors? Nature brings about an instant feeling of zen — simply imagine a relaxing log cabin break and chanel that feeling in your home for weekend-away vibes all year round.

Keep the furnishings simple, and opt for cosy plush throws and an abundance of soft furnishings for a chic, cosy cabin vibe. When it comes to your wallpaper, choose from realistic forest scenes to allow your mind to escape, or opt for a wood panel effect wallpaper to bring a countryside feel your home, no matter the location.

  • A.S. Creation Forest Pattern Wood Wallpaper

Consider colours

We all know that colours can evoke emotions — wearing a particular colour to a job interview or a first date, for example, can give off the right impression. Well, the same is true for the colours used in your home.

To create a relaxed feeling through colour, opt for soothing, calm and understated shades, and avoid anything too bright and energetic such as orange or red.

We would recommend;

Blue wallpaper

Reminiscent of the seaside or a clear summer’s day, blue is a colour that is known to calm your mind and bring about a sense of instant relaxation. Look for subtle sky or duck egg blues to keep your decor ultra on-trend.

  • BN Wallcoverings Treasures Leaf Trail Wallpaper

Pink wallpaper

Pink is not only a peaceful, soothing shade, but is one that is set to be a huge home decor trend for 2018. For your walls, opt for subtle pink tones — ashy rose pinks or pretty florals are perfect for a beautifully understated vibe.

  • Rasch Bloomsbury Damask Floral Wallpaper

Green wallpaper

As with nature inspired wallpapers, a plain green wallpaper can also bring the relaxing feeling of nature into your abode. Opt for soft neutral toned, pale greens to help boost serenity in any room in the house.

  • Erismann Romano Blown Vinyl Textured Stripe Wallpaper in Green



If you’re looking to makeover your home this new year, be sure to explore the full collections of wallpapers, wall murals and wall art at I Want Wallpaper.