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Embracing those rustic vibes: 6 Wood Effect Wallpapers for All Occasions.

Wood effect wallpaper is a great addition to any room of the house, creating spacious illusions and eye catching feature walls that are guaranteed to turn visitors’ heads. 

Fitting real wood panelling can become an expensive venture, not to mention the upheaval of installing them. Our blog here at I Want Wallpaper will explore the much less stressful route of decorating with our wood effect wallpaper, giving you the same impact for cheaper!

Whether it’s cosy cabin vibes or library tranquility that you’re looking for, we have the perfect hand picked selection of wood effect wallpapers just for you here at I Want Wallpaper. 

A bookworm’s refuge: wood effect wallpaper with a twist.

This show stopping Vintage Library Wallpaper is the perfect addition for a quiet corner of the house. Our bookshelf wallpaper is a great way to create an at home library environment without the requirement of unlimited space. Ideal for a book lover, this wallpaper gives the illusion of spacious wooden shelving so that you can sit and enjoy some peace and quiet without the intrusion of a real bookshelf. Featuring vintage inspired novels, you’re able to enjoy the rustic ambience whilst enhancing the contemporary feel that the wood effect wallpaper evokes. The ultimate wallpaper for a few hours of escapism. 

Minimalistic vibes: wood effect wallpaper that proves less is more.

Wanting your office space to feel more professional? Have a room where the furniture speaks for itself?  Wood effect wallpaper is a great way to achieve an understated appearance whilst permitting you free rein with your decor. 

This wooden panel effect wallpaper is perfect for subtlety, permitting an area where you can sit for some headspace – our wallpaper has no room restrictions. Perfect for a feature wall or to run through a room, the horizontal wood effect wallpaper is guaranteed to elongate any area of the house. Don’t be afraid to incorporate this wallpaper as part of a modern room, afterall, wood effect wallpaper is right on-trend!

Let the outside in: wood effect wallpaper perfect for those removed from nature.

Love the outdoors but it’s just that little bit too far from your city apartment? This Epping Forest Wallpaper is ideal for when walks amongst nature aren’t overly accessible, bringing the outdoors to your front room. Or if you simply love the idea of a nature inspired room, this wallpaper is ideal for you with an array of wildlife to admire as you relax in the comfort of your own home. This wallpaper is an ideal addition to a dark room, giving the illusion of natural light with splashes of vivid colour to brighten up any dull room. Our Epping Forest Wallpaper gives you that breath of fresh air without having to step over your front door.

Bring the whole world into your front room: wood effect wallpaper that’s every plant lover’s dream.

Perfect for those travelling enthusiasts, this Wood Book Shelf Wallpaper brings you the joys of travelling memorabilia without the requirement of the physical antiques. Our wood effect wallpaper would be the perfect asset in an office-like suite, incorporating vintage voyages and cultural ornaments so that everybody feels as though they are well travelled. Bringing a sense of adventure, this bookshelf wallpaper is brimming with Aztec, Inca and Aborignal ornaments blurring the lines between your workspace and the wonders of the outside world. 

Bringing art into your home: Wood effect wallpaper perfect for a modern twist.

The upcycle bookshelf wallpaper from Arthouse features an artistic interpretation of your standard wood effect wallpaper. Bestowing a modern slant on wood effect wallpaper, this playful yet professional wallpaper does all of the talking. Perfect for a more conservative room, our wallpaper is perfect for making a statement. Great for a business setting, this wallpaper displays ultimate professionalism whilst still making an impression.

Revolutionise your room: Industrial wood effect wallpaper.

Our Wooden Retro Post Box Wallpaper complements rustic interiors flawlessly. With industrial decor being at the forefront of current interior trends, this wood effect wallpaper is a great way to be creative and bold with your decorating. Ideal for pairing with reupholstered and vintage furniture, our wooden post box wallpaper is an unobtrusive accessory which is guaranteed to make a statement. This wallpaper would make the perfect addition in a modern home, aiding your room to make the most out of its retro yet industrial vibe.

Sparkle and shine: the wood effect wallpaper to brighten up your room.

Here at I Want Wallpaper, we ensure our products are unlike any other and this Birch Tree Glitter wallpaper is certainly one of a kind. Bringing that element of sparkle to your room, this wood effect wallpaper is the definition of chic sophistication. Ideal in a front room, our birch tree effect wallpaper is sure to be a head turner for your guests. Paired with neutral accessories and furniture, this wallpaper would make for a perfect feature wall creating a focal point for your room.

6 completely different ways to use and style wood effect wallpaper, yet all as equally impactful as each other. For a more extensive and diverse range, be sure to check out all of our wood effect wallpaper that we have to offer here at I Want Wallpaper.