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Five Bird & Butterfly Wallpapers to Get You in a Flutter

Bird and butterfly wallpaper is a soothing and inspiring choice of home decor. For most of us, nature is a stress-beater and mood-booster. Just getting outside, taking a long walk or watching the world go by is enough to make us feel rested and content — no matter how stressful our week’s been.

So, why not bring nature inside and get this feeling from the comfort of your home? We have a beautiful collection of bird and butterfly wallpaper in all kinds of shades and styles for you to browse. To help you choose the best design for you, we’ve selected some of our favourites with advice on where to use them and how to decorate to make the most of the natural theme.


  1. Wood Panel and Flamingo Motif Bird Wallpaper by Rasch

You’ve probably seen flamingos stamped on lots of home furnishings and ornaments lately. That’s because the pink bird is a massive trend in interior design right now, which is why we’ve given this wooden panel and flamingo pattern bird wallpaper from Rasch a place in our rundown.

Fun and cheery, this wallpaper is great as a feature wall to brighten up a bedroom or kitchen. We like the idea of complementing it with laminate flooring or a light carpet, and think it looks particularly good with white-wood furnishings to bring out the pink and pastel blue colouring.

Rasch Flamingo Bird Wallpaper


  1. Forest Bird and Butterfly Wallpaper by Holden Decor

The best thing about this bird and butterfly wallpaper from Holden Decor is how much the animals leap out of the pattern. Keeping the forest background in a delicate and subtle shade lets the colourful birds and butterflies take centre stage, so this is a great design if you want to make the most of the nature trend. The careful use of bold and neutral colours means that this wallpaper complements a wide range of colour palettes, which saves you the hassle of having to completely redecorate, too!

Holden Decor Bird and Butterfly Wallpaper


  1. Parrot and Tropical Leaf Bird Wallpaper by Grandeco

Many interior designers rely on the striking exotic theme to create a stylish hit of power and colour in a room. This tropical tree bird wallpaper is a beautiful palette of green shades, peppered with colourful parrots. The imagery and boldness of the piece helps it work effortlessly well as a feature wall, while the rich, multi-coloured hues makes it easy to complement with other plain wallpaper or even to hang throughout the whole room itself. Wood furnishings look especially good with this design, and focusing on browns or creams in your furniture will work to bring out the leaf outlining and bird motifs.

Grandeco Parrot and Tropical Leaf Bird Wallpaper


  1. Willow Tree and Bird Wallpaper by Arthouse  

If you’re looking for something more understated, this willow tree and bird wallpaper from Arthouse is a beautiful design. Featuring various delicate hues of grey, the weeping willow and swallow bird pattern is intricately drawn and speckled with metallic glitter. Calming and peaceful, this truly reflects the sentiments associated with nature and looks wonderful behind lightwood photo frames and vased flowers.

Arthouse Willow Tree and Bird Wallpaper



  1. Floral Forest Bird and Butterfly Wallpaper by Arthouse

Our top bird and butterfly wallpaper has to be this sleek grey forest design from Arthouse. The detailing of the tropical birds is mesmerising, and the carefully placed bursts of bright shades on the slate-grey background give your room colour while not overpowering the rest of your decor.

Looking for inspiration? Why not run this wallpaper throughout your lounge and complement it with turquoise and fuchsia sofas, throws and cushions? If this colour palette sounds too busy for you, the design also looks incredibly sleek and elegant with charcoal, black or white furnishings.

Arthouse Forest Bird and Butterfly Wallpaper

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