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Floral wallpaper – styling Do’s and Don’ts

Floral wallpaper is a wonderful way to bring the essence of nature into your home. Depending on the type of floral print, you can create gorgeous sanctuaries within your home where entire rooms are enveloped in the serenity of the pattern. You can also choose to limit your florals to one wall -typically done in applications where you’re using a larger or bolder floral print that work well as a statement feature.

Regardless of where you choose to apply your wallpaper, there are some easy ways to avoid floral faux-pas which can overwhelm a space, and also some creative ways to bring this nature theme into your home in the most subtle ways.

Add depth through texture

Add depth through texture.

As well as the design, texture plays a huge role in how your floral wallpaper will work within any given space. Any floral wallpaper with a raised design will add depth to your room.

To help keep a textured wallpaper dainty, choose a lighter shade or colour. Try to keep darker florals limited to a single wall and accentuate them by choosing pastels and neutral shades.

Be bold with florals

Bold floral prints can bring a room to life.

Bigger and better. Bold print floral wallpaper can be used to create a stunning statement room, and it works especially well as a way to fill a larger wall in an open space, like an open plan dining/living room.

If you’d like to incorporate this theme and don’t have the luxury of space, you can always create a feature wall using bold floral prints. To supplement this feature wall, use complimentary colours inspired by the palette your bold print contains. For example, you can choose a colour that you love from the floral print and apply a similar shade to the rest of the walls. This visually enhances your floral feature wall and creates a subtle continuation of colour throughout your room without dominating the space.

Flirt with darker florals

Flirt with darker florals.

Don’t be afraid to let your darker side shine through. Florals have been a firm favourite for more gothic-styled wallpapers.

This skull wallpaper expertly marries floral with the darker side, bringing an edgy yet feminine air to your room. If you’re exploring darker florals, keep in mind the psychology of colour before committing to room-wide applications.

You may want to keep deep reds, navy blues and blacks restricted to a feature wall, using lighter shades to enhance it and bring the right feel to your room.

Keep it simple

Keep your floral print simple.

If you love the idea of floral, but aren’t as much a fan of flowers, damask is a simple yet elegant way to bring floral wallpaper into your home. This intricate detailing adds a depth and warmth to any space and can easily be complimented with various shades and other colours to achieve the exact aesthetic you want.

Expand your horizons

Don’t limit yourself to flower-print florals. Jungle wallpaper is a stunning way to bring nature into your home without over-burdening a space with potentially dated floral prints. The green hues have a calming effect on any space and can be complemented with your favourite neutrals or your top choice of shades of green.

Things to avoid when decorating with floral wallpaper

Keep your floral patterns similar. Mixing jungle print with floral print can make a room appear scattered. Rather, stick to one single print per room and use solid-colour wallpaper on adjacent walls (if you’re creating a feature wall) to make the print pop.

Floral patterns, especially the type we’re used to seeing in our Nana’s living room, can make a space look very dated. Opt for more modern, vibrant floral patterns to keep your space looking energised. You can easily offset a floral sofa with a modern coffee table to keep your room up-to-date and make your sofa seem more of a quirk than a prop from 90’s daytime television.  

Avoid over-using floral decoration in your home. For instance, if your sofa has a floral print, try to find a similar colour palette, or print and keep it restricted to one accent or feature wall to avoid the room appearing too busy.

Floral wallpaper is not be strictly feminine. Explore bolder prints in neutral colours for a more fluid look. Go big, go bold, go understated. Let your creative genius come to life through floral wallpapers! Why not order a sample floral wallpaper to help you bring our ideas to life?