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The best accessories to use with leaf wallpaper

There’s no denying that botanical, leaf print wallpaper brings a modern and vibrant look to any room. Incorporating an element of nature works wonders for rejuvenating dull, tired spaces and adds a fresh twist to otherwise simple decor. Not to mention, the designs and colours available are nothing short of inspirational – you can really let your imagination run wild when decorating with leaf print.

One of the best ways to tie a room together is to mirror patterns and use bold, complimentary colours to enhance the aesthetic. Our interior design experts have compiled some of the best accessories to use with leaf wallpaper to turn your home into a tropical haven.


Rose gold, silver, bronze, and yellow gold can all be used as a succinct colour palette to compliment your nature-inspired room. If you prefer warmer shades, opt for rose gold or bronze to bring the fiery element into your space. Cooler shades, like silver and platinum, compliment alternative leaf print hues such as blue and teal.

Our favourite metallic accessory inspiration:

Bold colours

On the colour wheel, red is the complementary colour to green. Using bold red accessories throughout your leafy room can make for a beautifully contrasted canvas. Scatter cushions, ceramic ornaments and even a well-placed rug will really bring this already elegant look together. If you choose to accessorise with red, warm metallic shades (like bronze and copper) can be used in conjunction for a more understated look.

Our favourite red accessories:

  • This terracotta planter is a gorgeous display for coffee tables.
  • Enhance the sensory experience with this strawberries & cream red coloured diffuser.
  • This salsa teddy bear rug in deep red will tie the room together beautifully.


Monochrome accessories compliment leaf print wallpaper

Using simple accessories in black and white is one of the easiest ways to decorate with a leaf-print theme. This colour palette is especially well suited if you prefer a demure look, or if you’re not a fan of metallic or bold colour pops. You’ll have a lot of freedom when using shades of white and black, as they can easily be mixed and matched and allow you to be as bold or understated as you like.

Our favourite monochrome master(pieces):


A natural wood side table compliments leaf print wallpaper

If nature is your main inspiration behind choosing to decorate with leaf print, you’ll be glad to know many accessories can tie in beautifully to enhance your theme even further. Using natural wood, faux moss-covered ornaments or even emerald green accessories will mirror the natural theme effortlessly. The best part is, you can always add more pops of colour through metallics or monochromes if your taste changes over time.

Our natural favourites:

Whichever way that you choose to accessorise your leafy, lovely living space, the options are so easily adapted to your choice of style. Visit our blog section for more design inspiration, tips, and handy guides.