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Feeling Adventurous? Bold Print Wallpaper For Every Room

There really is something to be said for a bold, printed wallpaper.

The right printed wallpaper can totally transform a room, be it used as an eye catching feature wall or adorning the whole room. A bold print wallpaper makes a statement — it is bold, bright and always stylish.

Over the last few years we’ve seen a huge increase in people taking the plunge and decking their walls in statement prints. We’ve decided to take a closer look at the bold printed wallpaper trend, detailing some top decor inspirations alongside some of our most popular designs here at I Want Wallpaper.

So sit back, grab a cuppa, and prepare to be inspired!

Floral inspirations

Starting off on the more subtle end of printed wallpaper designs, we have our eye on pretty floral wallpapers. Florals have never really gone out of style — they are a classic when it comes to wallpaper, adding a sophisticated edge to any room in the house.

We love the subtle yet stylish look achieved by @alyssakapitointeriors — these stunning florals will make an ideal addition to a bedroom or dressing room. To replicate this look in your own home, stick to understated neutrals and delicate flower prints.

Geometric prints

Printed wallpaper doesn’t have to be all floral designs and leaf prints — geometric wallpapers saw a huge surge in fashion in 2017! A geometric wallpaper perfectly fuses retro and futuristic styles; despite their 60s and 70s inspirations, there is something inherently cool and contemporary about a geometric print.

Taking inspiration from @myscandinavianhome, we’re using cool toned geometric prints to make a statement in kitchens, or as feature walls in industrial themed dining rooms.


Daydreamers listen up — we have the perfect wallpaper for you! Cloud prints are ideal for creating a playful, laid-back space where you can constantly cloud gaze and wake up to bright blue skies.

@Ryankorban created an ultra relaxed sleeping space with cloud print walls. If you’re wary of decking out your whole bedroom with sky and cloud print wallpaper, why not try a sunny feature wall? You could even utilise cloud wallpaper in a kids bedroom or spare room, for a laid back and playful, yet fashion-forward, style.

Bold leaf prints

If you’re looking for an ultra on-trend print, look no further than leaf print wallpapers. We’ve all been told countless times that greenery and plants can breathe a whole new lease of life into a space. Well, this stylish trend manages to do this with none of the usual plant upkeep! What more could you want?

From living rooms to kitchens, conservatories to bedrooms, the bold leaf print wallpaper trend really can make an impression in any room in the house. This beautiful example by @ritakonig features oversized leaf prints — mimic the large, statement leaf print style in your home to create a feature wall worth talking about.

Subtle leaf and vine prints

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to work the greenery trend into your home, the delicate leaf and vine print trend is the way forward. A vine print features a smaller, more subtle pattern, making it ideal for those wanting printed wallpaper that still retains an understated element.

With many vine prints, such as this example by @ritakonig, you can combine two top trends — leaf prints, and geometric patterns! Mimic this fashion-forward trend yourself by looking for subtle leaf or tree prints; work into your kitchen decor for a breath of fresh air, or create a feature wall in your living room for true ‘outside in’ vibes.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your home with bold printed wallpaper or you’re on the lookout for something a little more subtle, be sure to explore the full I Want Wallpaper collection. With high quality options from the industries top designers, you’re sure to find the perfect wallpapers to take any room to the next level.