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Top 7 Best Flower Wallpaper Designs

Flower wallpaper is a rising trend in interior design. If you’re looking for some inspiration to help you redecorate a room in your house, why not go floral?

You get a wide and interesting colour palette with modern floral wallpaper designs, as well as patterns that range from realistic woodland to exotic Eden.
Go through our varied selection of top seven best-selling flower wallpapers and see if you can picture them in your home.

  1. Belgravia Floral Leaf Glitter Motif Embossed Wallpaper

Our list of the best flower wallpaper starts with the Floral Leaf Glitter Motif Embossed design from Belgravia. We love how this flower pattern looks like it’s climbing up the wall, and the glitter gives it an eye-catching subtle shimmer on sunny days. The sharp petal outline give this wallcover an edgier appearance than typically rounded, more feminine flower designs you often see, which helps make this one of our more modern floral wallpapers.

What’s even better about this design from Belgravia is the choice of colour you get. You can go for red, black, cream, or purple flowers on a textured white/cream background. Or even try something daring and go for bold coral petals on a grey backdrop. We reckon this colourful flower wallpaper looks equally good as a feature wall or running through the whole room.


Belgravia Floral Wallpaper


  1. Holden Decor Indira Paisley Pattern Floral Motif Metallic Gold Wallpaper


This is one of our premium wallpapers, and you can either go for the coloured or grey/silver option depending on your taste and colour scheme. The best thing about the Holden Decor Indira Paisley Pattern Floral Motif Metallic Gold wallpaper is the intricate detailing. Each swirled, floral piece appears to twist and turn around each other, making this a really interesting design that will bring your walls to life.

Paisley is forever in fashion. It’s a hugely popular clothing and decorating pattern that continues to be a top choice for interior designers. Unlike many other flower wallpapers, the pastel shades you see here stand out just enough from the creamy background (in the coloured version) to make it perfect for running throughout the whole room without overpowering the general look and atmosphere.


Holden Decor Indira Paisley Floral Wallpaper


  1. Arthouse Luciana Flower Leaf Motif Green and White Metallic Wallpaper


This Arthouse Luciana Flower Leaf Motif Green and White Metallic floral wallpaper is all about contemporary boldness. Go for red, blue or green flowers on stark white backgrounds, or opt for the black-and-white petals on deep red to really make your walls pop.

Flower wallpapers can look dated and even boring to some, which is why we like how this design features subtle metallic detailing on the petals, stalks and leaves to add a touch of shimmer and quirkiness to the design.

We think using this as a feature wall looks great in a living room when it’s complemented by plainer furnishings. Then again, you could go for our neutral option and run it throughout the entire hall, kitchen or anywhere else in your house.


Luciana Flower Wallpaper


  1. Grandeco Botanical Moroccan Tile Pattern Wallpaper


A perfect blend of floral and exotic, the Botanical Moroccan Tile Pattern wallpaper from Grandeco is a colourful flower wallpaper with a mosaic twist.

The great thing about this design is how you can spot hidden flowers in each section. Every floral tile features flower patterns that differ slightly in size and style to give you an eclectic mix that’s both striking and intriguing.

While you can go for teal or cream in this design, our favourite is the one with a mix of colours. With this flower wallpaper, you can find pinks, greens, oranges, and turquoises, which help bring the design off the wall — an excellent and essential element of a good feature wall piece or mural.

The tiled pattern reigns in the explosion of colours, flowers and symmetry to create a culturally sophisticated wallpaper that we think is a great one for the kitchen.


Grandeco Moroccan Tile Flower Wallpaper


  1. Arthouse Opera Chinoise Floral Pattern Songbird Flower Motif Wallpaper


Out of all the flower wallpapers in our list, this Opera Chinoise Floral Pattern Songbird Flower Motif wallpaper by Arthouse is our most classic and understated. From the subtle pastel shades to the fine floral detailing, this sophisticated design carries a timeless class and elegance that almost has a calming effect.

With this wallpaper, you can see tropical songbirds perched on delicate branches and surrounded by different flowers. Here, the design has a more soothing, nature-based tone, as opposed to the large flowerhead prints on contrasting backgrounds we see elsewhere in our list.

There’s pink, plum, black, lemon, and taupe to choose from, and any of these shades can run throughout the entire room or be used as a feature in a master bedroom or lounge area.


Arthouse Opera Chinoise Flower Wallpaper


  1. Arthouse Charmed Flower Pattern Bird, Butterfly and Rose Floral Motif Wallpaper

From majestic birds atop delicate tree branches, to striking colours and a mix of attention-grabbing flowers: the Charmed Flower Pattern Bird, Butterfly and Rose Floral Motif wallpaper by Arthouse is a captivating design.

This modern floral wallpaper features bursts of colours like bold reds, creamy yellows, pretty lilacs, and bright fuchsias that almost come off the paper when contrasted with the calm teal or white backgrounds.

Combining birds and butterflies into this floral design helps make the pattern seem more natural and realistic, which we think looks especially good when hung in a room with lots of potted plants and an earthy colour scheme.


Arthouse Charmed Flower Wallpaper


  1. A.S. Creation Forest Pattern Tree Metallic Pearl Motif Embossed Wallpaper


Topping our list of best-selling flower wallpaper is this Forest Pattern Tree Metallic Pearl Motif Embossed wallpaper by A.S. Creations. Each of the three varieties you see in this design come with the same subtle and contemporary shades, darkening from white to grey.

The silhouette pattern adds a twist to the usual designs you find in the floral genre of wallpaper, which tend to focus on coloured flower petals, stalks and leaves. This wallpaper’s pearlescent effect embellishing each tree helps to add a layer of eye-catching glimmer to an otherwise sophisticatedly simple pattern.

Versatile enough to decorate an entire room, we like the idea of hanging this flower wallpaper in a dining room or living area with splashes of colour such as moss-green rugs, deep red sofas or royal blue dining chairs.   


A.S Creation Forest Wallpaper


If you like these flower wallpaper designs, browse the others we have on offer in our floral wallpaper range.