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10 Of The Best Minimalist Wallpapers

Minimalist interiors are a big trend at the moment; you only have to visit Pinterest, TikTok, or Instagram to see that neutral home decor is one of the top trends of the moment. The minimalist style is all about neutral colours, clean lines, and creating a bright but warm feel throughout a home. Think whites, greys, creams, beiges, and taupes, with no busy patterns.

white brick effect wallpaper

Minimalist homes tend to have sparse accessories, with plenty of clean lines. Clutter, including personal photos, trailing wires, books, and other belongings are usually kept out of sight, so clever storage solutions are a big part of this trend.

One of the best ways to bring this trend to your home is via wallpaper, as this creates a brilliant base for the rest of your decor. Minimalist wallpaper should blend into the background, while feeling wonderfully clean, crisp, and fresh. Read on to discover some of our favourite minimalist wallpapers.

10 Minimalist Wallpapers To Use In Your Home

From plain white and grey wallpaper to designs in various shades of beige and cream, here’s our pick of 10 of the best minimalist wallpapers from the I Want Wallpaper collection to bring this trend to your home:

1. A Subtle, Neutral Grain

minimal wallpaper

Of course, painting all of your walls white, beige, pale grey, or even magnolia is a great minimalist base for any room. But if you want a hint of texture and pattern in your wallpaper, go for a minimal design with a neutral-coloured grain, such as the Sirpi by Muriva Aiden Vinyl Texture Stripe Grey Pattern Wallpaper (£25 per roll).

As this wallpaper has such a subtle pattern, it won’t overwhelm a room, and it will still create a minimal, fresh, bright feeling that will compliment any flooring or decor.

2. Plain, Paintable Wallpaper

A plain, paintable wallpaper makes a perfect minimalist addition to any room, with a design such as the Belgravia Richmond Wood Bark Pattern Paintable Embossed Vinyl White Wallpaper (£10 per roll) featuring just a hint of texture for a little bit of something extra. 

Paintable wallpaper is also a great blank canvas should you change your mind about the colour scheme or aesthetic in the future. If you’re considering a wall mural but are still deciding on your final design, this is the perfect wallpaper option, as it’s ready to be customised as soon as you’ve made up your mind.

3. Minimal Concrete Effect Wallpaper

concrete effect wallpaper

Concrete effect wallpaper is another great minimal choice, with a little bit of extra texture than a plain grey wallpaper. Concrete wallpaper looks seriously cool in a living room, or even on a feature wall against white or neutral-coloured walls. You can achieve this effect with the Arthouse Concrete Textured Plain Wallpaper in Grey (£23 per roll).

4. Linen Effect Wallpaper

linen effect wallpaper

As linen effect wallpaper looks like fabric, it makes a cosy addition to a bedroom or living room, while keeping the whole look minimal. The Arthouse Textured Linen Effect Wallpaper in Plain Light Grey (£16 per roll) is a gorgeous neutral wallpaper that’s also available in yellow, heather, and blush, should you want to add a bolder-coloured feature wall to an otherwise minimalist room.

5. Calico Style Wallpaper

Calico style wallpaper is a good alternative to linen effect wallpaper, and the Arthouse Calico Plain Style Textured Glitter Grey Silver Wallpaper (£16 per roll) is a great option. Featuring different shades of grey in a fabric-life effect, this minimalist wallpaper also includes a small hint of glitter, which will glint beautifully in the light.

6. A Subtle Hint Of Sparkle

If you want to keep your decor as minimal as possible but can’t resist a hint of sparkle, the Superfresco Aaron Sparkle Taupe Textured Vinyl Glitter Faux Non-Woven Wallpaper (£17 per roll) could be just what you’re looking for. This wallpaper has just a subtle hint of sparkle, visible in certain lights, elevating the look of a minimal room.

7. Warm Tones

cream wallpaper with gold tones

Depending on how much natural light you have in your home, there’s a risk that some white and stone-coloured minimalist wallpapers could feel cold. Avoid this by opting for warmer tones, like beiges with a hint of gold, and by thinking carefully about the lighting in the room.

We love the Arthouse County Plain Linen Paste Heavyweight Cream Wallpaper (£21 per roll), which feels beautifully warm thanks to gold undertones.

8. Stripped Back, Brick Effect Wallpaper

For something a little bit different, opt for a minimal brick effect wallpaper. Bricks are the ultimate in minimal walls, but this effect is much easier to achieve with a wallpaper than by having to remove all paper and plaster from your walls.

We recommend the A.S. Creation House Brick Pattern Red Orange Faux Effect Realistic Stone Embossed Wallpaper (£18 per roll), which will bring an urban, industrial, but warm-feeling effect to any room in your home. 

9. Stone Wallpaper

cream stone effect wallpaper

If you live in a home built from stone rather than brick, you can still achieve the ultimate minimal effect with your wallpaper by opting for a stone effect wallpaper like the A.S. Creation Sand Stone Pattern Rustic Brick Beige Textured Wallpaper (£11 per roll). It’s the perfect rustic wallpaper for a kitchen or conservatory.

10. Wood Panelling Effect Wallpaper

Get wood panelling in your home without the extra DIY work by choosing a wallpaper with a panelling effect. The Fresco Wood Panelling Neutral Wallpaper (£13 per roll) will bring a minimal look to your living or dining room that’s full of period character. 

How To Accessorise Minimalist Wallpaper

Minimalist wallpaper is essentially a blank canvas, meaning you have endless options when it comes to decorating the rest of your home. You might want to lean into the minimal theme, or you might prefer to use it as a background for bolder accessories. 

minimalist wallpaper

Here are a few ideas for how to accessorise minimalist wallpaper:

  • Keep your decor minimal with white furniture, clean lines, and neutral-coloured soft furnishings
  • Use different tones of beige, cream, and stone to create a feeling of warmth
  • Play around with textures; team minimal linen wallpaper with a fluffy rug and velvet cushions to create an extra feeling of cosiness and depth in a room
  • Minimalist wallpaper can make a space feel bigger, so lean into this with a few well-placed mirrors to create the illusion of even more space
  • Add a pop of colour, such as from a statement rug or greenery from house plants
  • Keep the room feeling as minimal as possible and keep clutter out of sight. Consider keeping your TV in a cupboard and look for a bookcase with doors to keep brightly coloured spines hidden
  • Create a feature wall; paper the whole room with white, paintable wallpaper, choosing one wall to paint a unique mural on
  • Use your minimalist wallpaper as a canvas for bold colours, quirky ornaments, bold wall art, and contrasting prints. If you like to change up your accessories and soft furnishings regularly, minimalist wallpaper is the ideal base to build from

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