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Moroccan Wallpaper: A New Trend?

With its rich culture and exotic styles, Morocco is taking the world of home decor by storm.

The Moroccan decor trend is taking over the home and with good reason. Moroccan decor brings a warm, relaxing and cosy vibe, with uniquely patterned rugs, intriguing lighting and comforting terracotta shades.

One of the reasons we’ve fallen head over heels with the Moroccan trend is the versatility it offers: Moroccan vibes are perfect for basically any room in the house. Fancy making a statement in your hallway? Throw up some Moroccan wallpaper! Maybe you want to add a unique vibe to your kitchen? Geometric Moroccan tiles are perfect for bringing a bold splash of colour and pattern while remaining effortlessly on trend. Or perhaps you’re looking to create a relaxing vibe in your living room? Work with texture in the form of Moroccan rugs, throws and cushions to add a unique character to the space.


Whichever room you’re looking to decorate, join us at I Want Wallpaper as we discuss how to get the Moroccan look in your home.

Look at colour and patterns

The colours of Morocco decor reflect the nature surrounding the area – think a base of sandy desert shades, interspersed with pops of colour. Rich, bright shades such as reds, aqua blues and oranges work perfectly, as do jewel tones.

Moroccan tiles and intricate Moroccan inspired patterns are also an obvious must for those wishing to project an exotic Moroccan vibe in the home. However, we understand that decking out a whole wall with Moroccan tile is not the cheapest or most cost-effective option. If you’re looking to mimic a Moroccan look on your walls, why not consider Moroccan wallpaper?

A Moroccan wallpaper will quickly and easily transform any room in the house. Look for patterned, geometric wallpapers, and use these to build depth and interest in a room. Whether you opt for a feature wall in a kitchen, create a subtle feature around a fireplace or paper the whole living room, Moroccan is the new must-have style when it comes to your walls and your home.


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When it comes to Moroccan decor, the devil really is in the detail. If you don’t want to revamp your walls or furniture, a Moroccan vibe can easily be created through the use of accessories.

Texture is a key place to start if you’re looking to create a Moroccan feel in your home. In your living room or bedroom, work with varied fabrics, throws and cushions to create depth and a warm, cosy vibe. A Moroccan rug is also perfect for making a strong style statement in living rooms, while a statement patterned Moroccan vase is a fantastic choice for hallways.


Use lighting

Lighting is a key thing to consider when it comes to Moroccan decor. The right lighting can build intrigue in a room, bringing a warm vibe that aligns perfectly with Moroccan style.

Traditional Moroccan inspired lanterns are an obvious starting point. These carved lanterns are not only a stylish accessory in themselves, but create unique shadows around a room, offering depth and interest to your space. Metal lanterns in warm brass and copper shades are perfect for this look.


Bring the outside in

Moroccan homes tend to perfectly blend the indoors and outdoors, with many homes based around a central courtyard. While you can’t change the layout of your home and garden, there are a number of ways you can work with your home to bring an outdoor vibe.

If you have any outside space, use water features to mimic Moroccan fountains and pools. Indoors, use large plants and greenery to breathe fresh air and bring an exotic feel to your space.


For a quick and easy way to get the Moroccan look in your home, choose Moroccan inspired prints in the geometric wallpapers collection at I Want Wallpaper.