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Give A Modern Twist To Your Home With These Nature Inspired Animal Wallpapers

Do you love animals? Are you looking for a way to spruce up your room with all of the best creatures from around the world? We’ve found five perfect mosaics of animal wallpapers that are sure to make your walls stand out and get looked at.

Animal pattern wallpapers are a great way to express your wild side. Animal prints are one of the most popular design categories, and we have a wide variety of prints to choose from, from colourful tropical scenes to more classic woodland and rural themes.

We’ve got everything from big cats, who are known for their beauty and grace, to the beautiful fox who is one of nature’s most cunning animals. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the five best-perfect animal-based wallpapers for your home.

1. Mad Dogs Retro Picture Framed Animals Vinyl Wallpaper

If you love to watch animal shows, this retro mosaic picture framed animal wallpaper will be a great addition to your home. This vintage wallpaper features a collection of hand-drawn creatures with goofy expressions and catchphrases that are familiar to everyone. This wallpaper has vivid bursts of colour and adds to the excitement by including “picture frames” that make it seem as if the wall is filled with framed pieces of art. The wallpaper is black and white.

A giraffe that smokes a pipe and has a moustache made of gold. Two green toads are raising their cups of beer in a celebratory toast. A boxing kangaroo, the story of the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit, a pooch wearing a party hat and cradling a cupcake between its paws. These vintage illustrations have an air of irresistible allure that is difficult to resist. It looks best when applied to one or two walls in a room that is decorated in warm hues, particularly if the other walls are painted a solid colour.

This wallpaper would look great in a study or billiards room outfitted with traditional wooden furniture, green glass light fixtures, an old-fashioned pub-style mirror, and maybe even an old-fashioned bar. You are not limited in where you may hang this stylish black-and-white wallpaper since it is made of washable vinyl. It is durable and will bring you many happy smiles throughout the years.

2. Crocodile Skin Animal Pattern Textured Vinyl Black Wallpaper

This black crocodile skin wallpaper design is sure to make a statement in any space. This gorgeous poster, with a crocodile skin pattern, is sure to be a conversation starter and a visual treat for your walls.

While some may find the thought of painting their walls black to be too daring, interior designers and ardent decorators alike praise black’s ability to provide an air of class to any dwelling. This faux crocodile pattern looks great as a focal wall and will bring a touch of flare to any room. Or, for stunning contrast, try mixing it with a contrasting wallpaper colour, such as dusty rose, white, stone grey, or emerald green.

This vinyl plastic coated paper base wallpaper is great for busy places like the living room, hallway, dining room, or even the contemporary kitchen thanks to its durability and ease of cleaning. It’s also a great option for a luxurious bedroom, especially when paired with plush materials in neutral tones to create a soothing and inviting atmosphere.

This sleek and simple black wallpaper will provide a touch of elegance whenever it is used, and the addition of gold accents will highlight the opulence of the design scheme. Lighting with a gold impact and shimmering metallic materials will inject your ideas with a splash of colour and up the dramatic factor.

3. Black And Metallic Gold Jungle Wallpaper With Leopards And Birds

A striking first impression is guaranteed with this black and gold jungle wallpaper filled with cheetahs, palm palms, and exotic birds. For the main wall in a frequently-hosted room, choose this gold metallic wallpaper with an appealing jungle setting.

This wallpaper stands out because of its many unique characteristics, such as its rough surface, shiny gold appearance, and beautiful gold-on-black colour scheme. Wallpaper with a dark and elaborate design may be made more approachable by using a neutral colour palette (think cream, beige, and white) and reducing the number of extra patterns. The aesthetic of the jungle may be achieved by using black and white throw pillows, indoor bamboo plants, hand-carved sculptures of African animals, and natural woven rugs.

We see this fabric draped over a teal or deep purple velvet couch with leopard print throw pillows. To complete the look, hang a black and gold light bulb and display gold-toned artwork, frames, and vases. To complete your jungle-inspired decor, invest in a faux zebra skin rug. This vinyl-coated non-woven paper wallpaper is ideal for usage in moist environments like bathrooms and hallways.

4. Jungle Leopard Wallpaper Palm Leaves Leaf Exotic Metallic Vinyl

Stylish and exotic, this Leopard Wallpaper from the Jungle Fever collection is the perfect addition to any room in your house. Leopards in an illustrated style and earthy colours are scattered amid palm trees and tropical plants in this pattern. All of this takes place over a contemporary backdrop that seems like a textured linear cloth. This high-quality paper is simple to install and would look fantastic whether used as a focal point on a single wall or as an all-over wall covering.

This wallpaper is bound to charm your guests as soon as they enter the room, ensuring you have an impressive conversation piece. You can choose to use it as a wall covering or as a complete mural, and with its natural look and high-quality composition, it will impart an earthy feeling that is sure to make your guests feel at home.

The sophisticated, understated design of this pattern makes it ideal for use in a professional office, residential living room, or even a study. If you are looking for something bold and stylish, then look no further – the Jungle collection is guaranteed to make a stunning focal statement in any room.

5. Parrot Black Background Wallpaper

Use this vibrant parrot wallpaper to make a statement in any space. The poster depicts a flock of colourful parrots on a backdrop of vibrant tropical flora. Printing the pattern on high-quality white non-woven makes it simple to apply to walls. If you want to make a statement with a wall, this poster is perfect.

This parrot wallpaper, which depicts a colourful and exotic flock of parrots, can be used to create an eye-catching focal point in any room. It might also work well as an accent wall. The design is reminiscent of the Pacific Island nation of Tonga, where it is common for parrots to nest in the trees. If you are looking for a natural-looking focal point, place this black and white bird-filled wall in your living room, or apply it to your kitchen wall.

It’s A Wrap!

With the abundance of black and white wallpapers on the market today, it is important to know how to choose the right design for your space. Whether you are looking to create a minimalist or traditional feel or using black walls as part of a bold colour scheme, you can find the perfect wallpaper with simple online shopping. Our animal wallpapers work great in every space because they are easy to clean, durable and look just like expensive wallpapers that are overpriced. These products are made of safe materials that will not cause damage to your skin or furniture when used on walls and ceilings. So, browse our collection and choose the one that will add the perfect accent look to your home! Happy Shopping!