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Wallpaper Trends

Wallpaper Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Whatever you might think of 2016, it’s been a fantastic year for wallpaper and it’s only expected to get better.

More and more people are realising that wallpaper is a quick, simple and affordable way to bring any room to life, which means that the demand for new designs and textures to suit all decors is rocketing.

So, what are the new wallpaper trends for 2017? We, of course, always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest wallpaper designs. And today, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to forecast what’s new in wallpaper and what 2017 wallpaper trends are coming your way.

Geometric Wallpaper

Dramatic flowers

Some things never change. Hugely successful in 2016, vivid shades and pictures of flowers are still likely to be one of the most popular wallpaper designs next year — but with a twist. As people get more adventurous with their love of floral wallpaper, you can expect bigger flowers, bolder colours and exaggerated patterns. Perfect for a feminine touch with a kick.

Floral Wallpaper

Metal tones

Metallic wallpaper is another design that’s going to take off in popularity next year. This style of wallpaper has been in demand for a few years now, mainly for it’s luxurious look, light reflecting qualities, and overall durability. In 2017, it looks like there’ll be a focus on warm gold, bronze and copper tones, which look great when complemented with a bold, plain colour like this Catherine Lansfield design.

 Catherine Lansfield Damask Pattern Wallpaper Metallic


The tropics

Next year is all about exotic landscapes. There’ll be a surge in wallpaper detailing tropical features including jungles, pineapples, palm trees, colourful birds, and banana leaves, as people’s love of the tropics combines with their desire for bold wallpaper. You’ll likely find many of these exotic patterns on dark backgrounds in 2017, too.

Tropical Wallpaper


Visual illusions

Keep an eye out for tromp l’oeil wallpaper in 2017 — which is essentially a paper design that creates a 3D image or illusion of something. Due to be particularly popular are brick and timber effects, which people love for bringing the outdoors inside and creating an edgy, modern, down-to-earth effect.

Timber and Brick Wallpaper


Connecting with your wallpaper

One of our favourite 2017 wallpaper trends is the interactive design. Rather than merely being an attractive decor feature day after day, next year is all about interactive wallpapers that serve an extra purpose. Look out for magnetic paper that you can use to hang and move around artwork or pictures. For kids, we predict more black-and-white designs that they can colour in themselves — like our world map mural — and further along the quirky scale is scratch-and-sniff wallpaper!

World Map Mural

Photos and memories

Customised photography wallpaper is our final forecast of the day for 2017 wallpaper designs. Excellent for adding creative depth to small, windowless rooms; the explosion of digital printing now means you can enlarge your own treasured photographs for everyone to admire. From snaps of beautiful places you’ve visited — like meadows and waterfalls — to photos of family and friends, the possibilities are endless. We think you’ll see a lot more services for this wallpaper design next year.

Meadow and Waterfall Wallpaper


We hope we’ve inspired you to start thinking about your 2017 wallpaper design. Take a look through our range here at I Want Wallpaper for more ideas!

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    March 3, 2017 at 9:03 am

    Can you tell me what the first paper is pictured under the ‘dramatic flowers’ section? Thanks