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Wallpaper Trends 2021: The 10 Décor Styles You Need in Your Home

If there was ever a year where wiping the slate clean and having a fresh new start was needed, it would be 2021. As the new year arrives, it’s the perfect time to start considering the best new wallpaper and home décor trends that 2021 will bring.

Whether you’re looking for a couple of small touches to bring your home up to date, or you’re considering a full-blown home makeover, the new year is a great time for a revamp. For inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here at I Want Wallpaper we’re doing what we do best: staring into the design trends of the future and pulling out our favourites. 

2021 has plenty in store when it comes to new wallpaper fashions: bold patterns and nostalgia-infused design to old favourites with a twist. From maximalism and minimalism through to the elegance of the 20s, here are our 10 top 2021 wallpaper trend picks ahead of the new year.

1. Illuminating and Ultimate Grey

Superfresco mustard wallpaper in 2021 trend colours
Bring Pantone’s colours of the year into your home with this striking Superfresco wallpaper.

We couldn’t start this list without a nod to Pantone’s colours of the year: Illuminating and Ultimate Grey. Hotly awaited each year, the Pantone colour of the year is a trend forecast for the coming year and an indication that these two colours will become 2021 must-have hues and a popular choice for wallpaper décor. 

Described by Pantone as “practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic”, these two colours will bring security and hope to your home, as well as a renewed sense of energy for the challenges the new year will bring. 

Although very dissimilar in hue, these two colours are guaranteed to work together. Be daring and combine both in one pattern or build the colours together, piece by piece through your favourite wallpaper and furnishings. 

Get the look: Superfresco Easy Mustard Wallpaper

2. Art deco

Holden Decor Gatsby Teal Wallpaper in an on-trend geometric style
This teal patterned wallpaper will add a splash of geometric colour to your home.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on décor and wallpaper trends over the last couple of years, you’ll know geometric patterns have become a staple of modern design. And, while the trend has been through a number of iterations, it’s gone right back to its roots for 2021.

While 2020 saw the arrival of bold, abstract shapes, 2021 sees this style bringing a revival of 1920s Art Deco. This time, it’s rounded geometric curves and fluid shapes that bear the torch for this trend, which aims to capture the glamour and romance of the period through a  subtle use of gold. 

It’s all about the bold palette: deep teals and emerald greens should form the base of your design. Bring contrast and a sharp, modern opulence with rose pinks, corals and mints in the form of plush furnishings. Thinks patterned pouffes, oyster armchairs and lavish pillow cases. Add additional depth with gold accessories through light fittings and gold-detail furniture. 

With inspirations taken from cubism and even Egyptian motifs, this eye-catching and larger than life décor trend is a way of looking back through the decades of design while still looking towards the future. It’s a way of bringing a nostalgic yet optimistic and playful vibe into the home.

Get the look: Holden Décor Gatsby Teal Wallpaper

3. Eclectic curiosities

Arthouse Nocturnal English Garden Wallpaper, a statement, 2021 on-trend style
Nothing says bold, vintage style like this sumptuous nocturnal English garden wallpaper from Arthouse.

2021, as many of our trends prove, is the year to be bold in your colour choices. Nothing better encapsulates this than our third wallpaper trend of 2021: eclectic curiosities. Infuse strong statement colours into your designs: hang basil green, cerulean blue and deep indigo patterned wallpaper that incorporates either floral or tropical prints. 

To add depth, introduce small curios from across the years and design styles into the look.

Everything from antique trinkets and pottery, to brass picture frames and gold-patterned mirrors will help bring out the drama of this style. 

Draw together the melange of different designs with bold vintage and modern furniture in block colours of fuchsia, mustard or teal. To avoid overwhelm from the mix of patterns and striking colours, this style is ultimately about finding a balance. Everything – both your design palette and your statement accessories – should be thoughtfully and carefully curated.

Get the look: Arthouse Nocturnal English Garden Wallpaper

4. Japandi

Erismann Plan Concrete Effect Wallpaper, a hot new 2021 trend
Go understated, without losing out on style, with this Erismann wallpaper in concrete effect.

Meet 2021’s most elegant and understated style. Drawing together Japanese design with Scandinavian interiors, this trend is an encapsulation of natural minimalism. Warm neutrals replace cold grey in previous iterations of this design: think oatmeal, neutral buff and beige married with warmer tones, such as muted sage and soft ochre.

What makes this style so unique is its blending of the two countries’ approach to design: Hygge – the Scandinavian concept of a moment of comfort and contentment  – and the Japanese idea of Wabi Sabi, the art of finding beauty in everything.

Combine soothing neutral palettes with blonde Scandi wood furniture and black Japanese ceramics accessories to complete the look. You’ll find this trend a perfect match for living rooms and bedrooms where cosy comfort is most needed. 

As such, this trend is about clean lines, uncluttered spaces and the opportunity to think and breath, all without too much distraction from your surroundings. 

Get the look: Erismann Plan Concrete Effect Wallpaper

5. Statement florals

Grandeco Floral Secret Garden Wallpaper, a hot new trend for 2021
Add a deep splash of colour to your living room with a moody, statement floral wall from Grandeco.

Florals aren’t exactly the newest of design trends, but 2021 will be the year of bold, statement blooms. Moody hues of deep midnight blue and heady plum provide the backdrop for delicate floral designs in pastel shades and inspired by still life botanical paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries. 

This trend is proof that your wallpaper can be as captivating – and conversation starting – as any piece of art and makes for the perfect dining room wallpaper choice for hosting guests.

To prevent overwhelm, pair muted furnishings that bring out the tones from your walls with dark accessories and layer with fresh cut flowers. 

Get the look: Grandeco Floral Secret Garden Wallpaper

6. Back to the tropics

Embossed leaf pattern wallpaper from A.S. Creation a new 2021 trend
Tropical patterns are one way to make your room pop. We love Erismann’s tropical bird pattern wallpaper.

We called tropical last year as a top trend for 2020 – and it’s certainly among the most popular wallpaper ideas for 2021 as it’s here to stay. That said, for the coming year, it’s all about turning those vivid tropical leaf prints into a sophisticated indoor haven.

Opt for rich wallpaper designs that combine rainforest greens and inky blues with warm metallics; these will help to soften the edges of this vibrant style. 

This is a great option for those with a taste for green. Infuse this colour from walls to soft furnishings, and don’t be afraid to layer this look with the addition of real tropical plants to add a real sense of your designs being alive.

Incorporate accessories such as pineapple ornamentation and subtle animal prints to draw together this tropical fusion. 

Get the look: Erismann Paradiso Tropical Bird Pattern Wallpaper

7. Minerals and marbles

Crushed velvet effect wallpaper

Neutral hues doesn’t have to be boring. Get the look with this crushed velvet effect mineral wallpaper from Grandeco.

Grey and muted neutrals have been absolutely huge in home decor in the last year or two, but now, we’re seeing a change on the horizon. If you’re not a fan of colourful walls and are trying to decide on that perfect neutral shade, cool-toned greys are out and warmer, natural shades that evoke patterns and materials from nature are in. 

Stone is the name of the game here: think wallpaper that looks like highly polished marble that you can combine with metallic fixtures and finishes for a glittering flourish. Rustic and earthy, warm neutrals are incredibly natural, bringing a sophisticated yet comforting feel to the home. Explore shades such as cream, light beige, ivory and taupe. 

The key for this look, however, is to build contrast through textures, whether through wallpapers that recreate the patterns of nature or through fixtures and fittings in tactile cork and wood.  

Get the look: Grandeco Crushed Velvet Effect Wallpaper

8. Coffee house

Erismann Botanical Leaf wallpaper, a 2021 trend

Bring the colours of your local coffee house into your home with this delicate botanical leaf wallpaper from Erismann.

Sophisticated design underpins this new season trend. The focus here is on using creamy shades of oatmeal, caramel, spiced honey and biscuit for a style that practically looks good enough to eat.

Take inspiration from your favourite morning beverage and layer up for added interest: use blocks of brown for your accent walls and complement them with cream sofas, lampshades in muted stone and throws and other soft furnishings in nude pinks and gentle barley. 

For subtle glamour, metallics, such as brass and gold, will bring this style alive, although the aim is for an understated, minimalist look with enough character to inspire a sense of tranquil, fashionable ease. This design is the ideal choice for lounges or bedrooms, where the warmth of the shades will really make your creations feel like home. 

Get the look: Erismann Botanical Leaf Textured Wallpaper

9. Grandmillenialism

Arthouse Summer Garden Wallpaper, a 2021 top trend in wallaper
Bring nostalgia for a different time into your home with a rich layering of patterns, including this Arthouse summer garden wallpaper. Image ©life_in_the_gingerbread_haus

2020 saw us all turning inwards as we reflected on the past, and styles for 2021 are set to continue this sense of nostalgia. Spearheaded by mid-20 and -30 somethings, Grandmillenialism is an expression of eclectic design and maximalism. It draws together modern designs with chintzy, antique furniture from across the ages, rebooting dated styling through its use of expressive textiles. 

Heavy, patterned prints in deep purples, midnight blues and rich teal are used throughout this style. Rich layering of patterns, textiles, furniture and accessories helps to create a mismatched style that combines historic designs and modern, contemporary inspirations.

Draw together patterns on your walls with plush armchairs in clashing textiles and throw in neo-kitsch lamps and decadently patterned lampshades and throws to achieve the full effect. 

Grandmillennialism is also the season’s most on-budget, sustainability-focused trend. Curating a home filled with mid century furniture and antique chinaware is both the chance to showcase your individuality and embrace re-loved furniture rather than buying new. 

Get the look: Arthouse Summer Garden Wallpaper

10. Global influence

A.S. Creation Leaf Striped Grey Wallpaper, a tribal print effect that embodies the hottest of the 2021 wallpaper trends
Be inspired by patterns from foreign shores with this A.S. Creation wallpaper. Image ©housefortysix

No man is an island, and while our homes can provide us with much needed sanctuary, the designs we use on our wall can take influence from other shores. This is the idea behind our final 2021 trend.

Patterns inspired by other cultures and traditions bring this styling to life. Mismatched motifs add interest, particularly when blended with cosy textiles, while the style uses black, whites and yellows for continuity. 

This new trend is a chance to fold in your favourite authentic crafts; whether woven cane plant pots, handcrafted decorative throws and cushions or bold patterned rugs. Remember to keep walls in neutral shades to allow your global treasures to shine. 

Get the look: A.S. Creation Leaf Striped Grey Wallpaper