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Wallpaper Trends

I Want… “Wallpaper Trends”

Looking to whip your home into shape? Our experts have spoken and revealed the interior trends set to soar in popularity over the next few months.  Read on for advice on how to ‘get the look’ with our gorgeous wallpapers.

TREND #1. Japandi (Japanese/Scandi) including how to adopt a ‘Wabi-Sabi’ outlook

Wabi-Sabi is an easy concept to follow for those who haven’t found contentment in Hygge.  It originates from Buddhist teachings and promotes the ‘acceptance of imperfection’. In interiors this translates as rough surfaces, frayed edges, creased fabrics and asymmetrical shapes.

The Wabi-Sabi trend is part of an overall movement towards Japanese interior design. Trend experts are locked in debate over the extent and impact of Japanese influences; where one camp maintains it’s surpassing Scandinavian as the style we’ll all be coveting in 2018, others believe the two genres are merging and have coined the amalgamative design movement – Japandi.

Either way, there’s no denying that Japanese style is becoming a major inspiration in the way we decorate our homes.  With this movement we will see more watercolours and hand-painted oriental florals/cherry blossoms. Simple, pared back designs and matt black walls/accessories offer an alternative take on the trend.







TREND #2 – Biophilia

Way back in 1984, Dr Edward Wilson termed Biophilia as ‘the innate sense of belonging to the natural world’.

34 years on, this sense of belonging will be entering our homes with wallpapers and other décor.

This trend is also about nurturing the planet and sustainability.

Some key looks will be living walls, plant/tree bark designs, vegetation and the creation of tech-free spaces because this look is all about immersing oneself in nature – which means an abundance of greenery and vegetation. Realistic plant-life and tree-bark designs can be introduced with wallpaper where living walls or lots of houseplants simply aren’t practical – or for those not blessed with green fingers.” 

TREND #3. Psychotropical

A neon progression of last year’s tropical trend will see us enjoying energetic and colourful living spaces. Striking patterns come in the form of exotic animal skins in vivid fuchsia and ultra violet colourways which look fantastic on walls!

TREND #4 – Reflect

This trend looks to the past for inspiration and the cultivation of luxury items for an aura of elegant timelessness. Rich colour palettes of plum, teal, inky blue, amethyst, jewel tones complement velvets, silk, damask and metallic/high shine finishes.

TREND #5 – Herringbone

Herringbone and chevron patterns are huge in 2018.  This trend takes the form of extremes either with bright tones or monochromatic colourways. Use chevron designs on walls for a more current take on this traditional pattern.”