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There are many different types of wallpaper. There are different weights, thicknesses, durabilities, and levels of stain and water resistance that affect the look and longevity of your wallpaper choice. Wallpaper is a crucial part of our wall finishings so it’s only right that we pick the type that suits us and our home interior the most. 

To help make things easier, we've put together a quick guide to different types of wallpaper. Looking to get your creative juices flowing? Take a look and make sure you get the perfect wallpaper type and design for your home.

Lining Wallpaper Is Used As A Base Layer 

Lining wallpaper is your most basic type of wallpaper. Not having a printed pattern or design, this is not hung for decoration. Instead, people use lining paper on bare walls to cover small imperfections or hide previous colours before papering. Therefore, it's well worth the money if you want the perfect base for your patterned wallpaper

Duplex Wallpaper 

In a nutshell, duplex wallpaper is two sheets of pressed paper that have been glued, bonded, laminated, or otherwise stuck together. Duplex wallpaper is more durable than simplex paper, which is made from only one sheet, so it's a good choice for a longer-lasting purchase.

Anaglypta Is A Type Of Duplex Paper 

Anaglypta wallpaper is a type of duplex paper that is heavily embossed, meaning that it is thick with a raised textured effect. Some of us get this type of wallpaper because it covers a range of bumps and cracks in the wall's surface, but most of us get it for painting on. Anaglypta wallpaper is what's also known as 'paintable wallpaper'. So, as soon as it's hung, you can paint it any colour you like.

Embossed Wallpaper 

Embossed wallpaper is thick and textured like anaglypta, but with a coloured pattern instead of plain. Raised on the design side and hollow on the other. Embossed wallpapers add depth to a wall and are able to hide a host of imperfections including bumps. cracks, scratches, and rough parts. The embossed wallpaper type looks excellent with a faux-effect design, such as stone or brick, as the textured effect enhances the paper with a 3D look.

Choosing embossed means you get a strong and resilient product that is easy to hang, making it a popular choice for many of us.

Flock Wallpaper For A Retro Look And Feel

Flocking is a textile process that involves covering an adhesive-coated surface with tiny fibres, which are kept extremely short and compact. The outcome is a smooth, pleasant velvet texture and an almost 3D design that literally stands out of the paper. Flock wallpaper is one of the oldest types of wallpaper and has recently roared back into fashion. which means you can now choose from a selection of striking designs. Although you might have to take extra care when hanging, this type of paper looks and feels like luxury and has a true classic, retro appeal.

Metallic Wallpaper 

Also known as foil, metallic wallpaper comes with either fabric. fibreglass or paper backing. This shimmering type of wallpaper contains polished, powdered metal with the design or pattern printed on top of the metallic finish. The metallic content helps bounce light. so it really stands out in parts of your home that get a lot of sun or as a helpful reflector in darker rooms.

Non-woven Wallpaper

Non-woven wallpapers are a big trend right now, partly due to their level of user and environment friendliness and due to their unique designs. This type of wallpaper is a blend of natural and artificial fibres, which is what makes them conveniently washable and breathable.

Non-Woven Wallpaper Is Perfect For Kitchens And Bathrooms

It has a lack of vapour-lock which means that you won't get mould and mildew in places that are likely to fill with steam and heat. As for hanging, non-woven wallpaper is: tear-resistant, non-expandable/contractible, easy to put up, and equally simple to remove. Plus, non-woven wallpaper is washable, which means you can keep it looking its best for a long time.

Vinyl Wallpaper

One of the most widely-used choices, vinyl wallpaper is made using a backing layer featuring the paper's pattern-of-choice and finished with a plastic topcoat. Easy to install. remove and clean: vinyl wallpaper is very user-friendly — ideal for DIY decorating. Plus, it's incredibly durable and light-resistant, which means it can hang anywhere in the home, cover a network of wall imperfections, and easily hold its look for more than ten years. With so many benefits, vinyl wallpaper comes in a huge range of designs and many wallpapers today feature a vinyl-coat finish to boost their longevity.

What to Look for When Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper

There’s certainly no shortage of wallpaper types and designs, so you won’t be short for choices. Quite the opposite in fact, there’s so many options out there it can be really hard to choose. You might be left asking: what colour is best suited for your interior? Do you go for a patterned design or plain? To begin with, you might want to think about the style you currently have in your home. For example, think about whether your home is rustic, modern, retro, or minimalist. This is a good starting point! 

Secondly, you can start thinking about the colour palette of your room or home. Maybe you’re going for warm tones throughout, or maybe you want one room to be really bright. It’s also good to think about whether you’ll be wanting to change your design in the near future. In this case, go for a style which goes with almost anything.

Looking to Get Creative with Different Types of Wallpaper?

We hope you have found this guide into different types of wallpaper helpful. Wallpaper allows you to personalise your home and make it reflect your own identity, so get creative! Browse our site to find them in all kinds of designs. Or simply type your wallpaper-of-choice into our search bar and we'll find a selection of them for you. 


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