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A good wallpaper calculator is a big help when working out how much wallpaper you need. Even in the same room, walls can be of different heights and widths, so working out what you need can become complicated and confusing. A good calculator can take away some of this hassle and make sure you get the right amount of wallpaper.

This not only saves you time and hassle, but it means you don’t buy too much (a waste of money) or buy too little (meaning you need to go back and get more).

A good wallpaper calculator will also make sure you have just enough excess to cover you for any mistakes or problems without leaving you with huge amounts of wallpaper at the end of your decorating. If this isn’t clear, use a different calculator.

Working out how much wallpaper you need

This might sound simple, but you need to start by measuring the walls you want to cover with the wallpaper and compare those measurements with the length and width of the rolls you’re interested in using.

It sounds simple, right?

In some cases, it can be that simple, certainly. If your walls are the same height, the skirting or floor is level, and everything is even, you can  go ahead and buy what you need.

However, in a lot of cases, there will be some cutting to do, especially if the wall doesn’t match up with the width of the rolls. Patterns can also play a part, as you want them to match and this means more cutting to get the right effect. This can change how much wallpaper you need.

For walls with sloped edges or recesses, things can get even more complicated.

Getting enough wallpaper

As mentioned before, it’s not enough to get exactly the right amount of wallpaper. Calculating how much wallpaper you need is more than just the measurements - you need to have some extra, too.

You will need to cut some of the roll to get the right amount for your wall, and you make rips and tears you don’t want to have on the wall, which means trimming more pieces. If you buy the exact amount you need, you leave yourself no room to fix any of these issues - and that can be frustrating and stressful.

Try to give yourself about 10% extra wallpaper of each colour, pattern or type you order. This should see you through without too much waste and keeps you covered for any extra cuts and trims you have to make.

Using our wallpaper calculator

I Want Wallpaper’s calculator can be found on every product page, and gives you a good idea for how much wallpaper you need. You just need to enter the measurements you’ve taken.

Our wallpaper calculator also takes into account excess to make sure you're covered if something happens or you need to do some further cutting and trimming. This helps prevent running out half way through the decorating.

You can use our calculator here, too, if you already have measurements to hand:

Ordering wallpaper samples

While our wallpaper calculator is a great way to get the right amount of wallpaper for evy wall in your home, you should also make use of samples to make sure the choices you’ve made are the right ones.

Ordering wallpaper samples, and why this is important, is explained in more detail on our website but the main point is to double check that your chosen colour or design is what you expect.

While we do our best to ensure our products are represented accurately, through detailed descriptions and photos, colours may be different and effects and textures are difficult to capture. Samples are cheap and can be delivered to you so you’re happy with your final selection.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our wallpaper calculator or how much wallpaper you need for a specific room or wall, get in touch with the team at I Want Wallpaper and we’ll answer any questions you have as soon as we can.